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If you are ready to define what makes you uniquely you or your small business one-of-a-kind, our online courses can help.


Your Why, Your Superpower

  1. Clarify where and when you are most alive.

  2. Explore & Identify your unique skill set.

  3. Conceptualize new direction for your experience.

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Your What, Build Your Story

  1. Visualize the future and depict, qualify & quantify what’s possible.

  2. Establish & overcome your biggest communication barriers.

  3. Define your audience beyond the demographics, creating deeper engagement.

  4. Uncover essential insight on your audience’s language to create a connection.

  5. Craft your unique brand values.

  6. Create your one-of-a-kind brand positioning statement.

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Your How, Use Your Story to Create Engagement & Results

  1. Develop a plan, audit & benchmark your brand website & social media story.

  2. Design & refine written language to engage with your audience.

  3. Learn about color psychology & how it impacts your audience connection.

  4. Launch your story to the world & create a strategy for continued evolution.