How to Influence your Audience


Brand growth happens when your audience is aligned, connected, and advocates for your business. It starts with a clear strategy shaped from your audience’s needs and behaviors. When you are clear on how and where to focus your marketing resources, engagement will happen organically.

Creating an influential marketing campaign requires a message that connects with your audience, in language that they use and connects to their pain points or needs. The best brands know their customers and consistently meet them on the channels they prefer with messaging that engages them.

To increase your brand’s influence, focus on your customer. Try this mini exercise:

Step 1: Start with your customer in mind, outline everything you know about who they are, what they think, feel, believe, what keeps them up at night, what barriers they face on a daily basis, what they need to feel successful.

Step 2: Map your services and products to their needs. Think strategically about how you can match a solution to their problem.

Step 3: Take the time to write some thoughtful bullets about what your company offers from the perspective of the customer. Use language that empathizes with their needs. Reference these message points when you build marketing language across platforms so your brand story is consistent.

Karianne Wardell