Kickstart your Career or Business Brand in 3 Steps

Whether you are looking to elevate your career or take your small business to the next level, articulating what makes your brand unique is essential. Defining your story starts with getting clear on your vision and the purpose of your vision, why does it matter and to who? What did you set out to accomplish, what is your vision?

Just as a vision board can help to clarify your goals and desires through images, the practice of putting your dreams and goals into writing can bring powerful manifestation. Through the process of writing down your vision, you are making a commitment. And the great news is your story and commitment is organic. It's growing, evolving, and will change over time. Rather than becoming overwhelmed and avoiding the commitment to your goals (and yourself) consider what it would feel like to give yourself permission to dream, vision, and imagine all that is possible.

Try this exercise from my branding workshops:

Step 1 image.jpg

Step 1: Picture yourself three years from today...

Three years hits an ideal balance providing you freedom from the pressure of time while still being grounded in reality, answer these questions:

What does your business or career look and feel like?

How do you spend your free time?

Who do you work with? What do customers or colleagues tell you about working together?

What excites you most about your career or business? What excites you most about your life?

Step 2: Look at your answers and consider...

What themes are emerging? What gets you most excited? What change would be required to make this vision a reality? Use these insights to create a short list of goals for your brand or career next steps.

Step 2 image.jpg

Step 3: For each goal that you outline, attach a quantifiable metric...

Such as a time range that will help you take one step closer to the vision becoming a reality.

Karianne Wardell