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Client Success Story #1: Learn how workshops and coaching produced business growth for real estate agents.

Client Success Story #2: See how a small business created a clearly defined, stand out brand in just 30 days. 

Client Success Story #3: Discover how a global consulting firm built a content strategy and marketing roadmap without a CMO.

Client Success Story #4: Learn how a growing non-profit accelerated strategic planning.

Client Success Story #5: Read how a midwest dental practice's brand evolution led to patient engagement and business growth.






An international real estate company wanted to help their agents take business to the next level with a strategic approach to branding. A workshop and supplemental one-on-one coaching sessions provided agents with a method to develop a unique brand story and language to connect with their target buyers.


The workshop curriculum included best practices and interactive worksheets to help agents set apart their brand, build concise messaging, and authentically bridge their personal and professional brands. Private brand coaching focused on social media posts, website content, and marketing materials. Workshop messaging was used to enhance agent talking points, visual strategy on social media and their overall marketing approach.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agents






After a decade of winning some of the country’s most prestigious BBQ awards, our champion pit master client was ready to launch a food truck business. He had limited time and resources to build a brand as big as his vision, passion, and competitive edge. We took him through our brand positioning process to build his story and a framework to inform his entire marketing footprint.


Our three-step brand positioning process helps small business owners unlock what makes their offer unique and accelerates their time to market. Working on an expedited timeline, we captured his brand vision, values, and audience insights creating a positioning statement to inform logo and truck wrap design, website and social media content, and talking points for local media coverage. Our process took 30 days. Six months post launch, he has a consistent, authentic brand and a growing following of 1.5k fans with an overwhelming demand for his BBQ.

Cornbred Brand Positioning





A global consulting firm needed interim marketing leadership during a major staffing transition. The nearly 60-year old firm was looking to build a stronger digital content strategy and assess their overall brand. We started with a discovery project to assess the current digital properties, overall brand positioning, and gain deeper insight on the long-term growth vision for the company.


We provided interim CMO services to help our clients keep the right marketing programming active while they built a new in-house team. Working with C-level leadership, we documented the business growth vision and current barriers to success, including where marketing strategy and implementation needed support. An audit of the website, social media, email content and experience informed a twelve-month roadmap. A brand positioning workshop was held with executive leadership to inform updated brand and service level positioning. Over the course of 90 days, a marketing vision and implementation plan was put into place.

Grenzebach Glier Associates Brand Strategy





After a successful three-year start-up period, a Chicago-based non-profit went through a leadership reorganization. With a permanent board of directors in place, the executive leadership team wanted to build a long-term vision with their advisor team. A custom workshop was designed to focus on audience growth, event and performance mandatories, and operating budget goals.


A custom workshop was designed and facilitated to outline a strategic plan with clear goals, success criteria, and a roadmap for audience engagement and growth. The session activities incorporated assignments and deadlines for the board, staff and leadership. Six months following the workshop, 70% of the initiatives have been implemented, ticket sales have reached capacity, and 50% of all performance attendees represent a net new audience.

Chicago Fringe Opera Custom Workshop





A midwest dentist wanted a brand refresh after a successful 10 years in business. An updated website, social media content plan and brand photography was needed to showcase the cutting edge technology and cosmetic services offered within the practice, aid in long-term business growth and enhance her professional brand for thought leadership outreach. In anticipation of her anniversary celebration, we used our brand positioning process to evolve her professional brand and business stories.


Our three-step brand positioning process helped uncover her vision, current barriers with marketing, patient insights, and her unique approach to dentistry. We defined her brand message and partnered with a local design agency to refresh her logo, color palette, fonts and website experience. Our team photographer captured new headshots and imagery of the practice, and our videographer brought her professional story to life in a short film for social media. Within 60 days of launching, we used her positioning for local media coverage and within six months, she realized new revenue from technology and cosmetic services.

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