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Lofti Elevate Series: Brand Storytelling


Dedicate time and space for a half-day workshop devoted to building or evolving your brand. 

The Lofti Elevate workshop series is designed for small groups and provides an opportunity to network in an collaborative setting with like-minded individuals. You will spend a half-day with our team of branding experts, committed to helping you grow your business through the right story. In this workshop you will build a strategic message platform, hear expert advice on how to link your personal and business brands, and have the option to dive further into visual storytelling or work on your in person networking story and style. Enjoy a healthy meal to recharge mid-session.

Thursday, October 26th, 5pm - 9pm

Workshop Agenda


Brand Storytelling Part 1:
Vision, Values and Messaging

Lofti Expert: Karianne Wardell,
Business & Brand Strategy

Create a compelling message for your brand. Working from the client’s perspective, we will define or evolve your vision, values and brand message working independently and in small groups from interactive worksheets. You’ll leave this part of the session with a strategic framework to develop consistent messaging in social, on the web and in sales conversations. 

Eat & Learn Mini Panel: Linking your business to your personal brand

When you are a small business owner, you are your business. This mini panel will give you a chance to recharge over a healthy meal while the workshop team shares advice on linking personal and business brands. 



Brand Storytelling Part 2: Virtual Storytelling OR
In-Person Presentation

Select one of two storytelling options for the second half of the workshop. You will join a small group and move through two different sessions over the course of 70 minutes diving deeper into brand storytelling for your business. 


Virtual Storytelling

Session 1 - Visual brand identity & website strategy

Lofti Experts - Kelsey Christine and Britt Hyatt, Visual Brand Strategy & Development

Use the strategy you developed in Part 1 to make sure that your visual brand identity and website strategy align with your goals, values, and target client. This session will include interactive worksheets and takeaway activities as well as one-on-one time with these two experts. 

You’ll leave the workshop with:

  • Clarity on your visual brand identity: Choosing the right color palette based on color psychology, analyzing your logo and font selection and expanding your brand identity to all client touch-points
  • Best practices for your website: Must-haves for a successful website, evaluating and navigating your sales funnels, how to focus your website on the needs of your target client

Session 2 -  Curating your visual brand on social media
Lofti Expert - Jenn Gaudreau, Brand Photography

The most compelling brand stories are authentic and consistent. When your brand imagery and social media content is purpose-focused and guided by your core values, you become irresistible to your dream clients.

What you’ll leave the workshop with:

  • A brand audit of your current site and social media imagery and visual strategy exploration to communicate your brand

  • Understanding of how to plan a brand photo shoot, including shot list development and how to choose color palette, themes, location, and props.

In-Person Presentation

Session 1 - Personal brand building through wardrobe styling
Lofti Expert - Alyssa Doorhy, Personal Wardrobe Styling

If you haven't thought much about what you wear to enhance your personal brand, this is a great place to start. Your image is your first impression - of your brand and your business. In this session, you will learn how to enhance your personal brand through styling that empowers you to feel comfortable and confident. 

You'll leave the workshop with:

  • Clarity on what makes your style unique
  • Wardrobe tweaks to ensure you consistently present your personal brand
  • Curated personal outfits from Alyssa, sent via a virtual lookbook following the session

Session 2 - Craft brand talking points and a memorable delivery
Lofti Expert - Karianne Wardell, Business & Brand Strategy

Create a go-to storyline for your business. Building on the message framework developed in Part 1, this small group session will help you develop talking points for your brand to confidently network and sell your business.

You’ll leave the session with:

  • Branded talking points that can be used when networking, selling, or with the media
  • Tips and best practices on how to memorably deliver your message
  • Personalized feedback and recommendations to ensure your message delivery is impactful



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