Matt Ritondaro, Creative Director


In his over 15 years in the agency world, he’s built long-lasting client relationships, and has helped build their brands and trophy collections along the way. Speaking of trophies, he’s also received a few accolades himself. His work has been featured in AdAge, Communications Arts, and on his mom’s refrigerator. Whether it’s producing a full-blown integrated ad campaign or writing technical copy, it all comes down to storytelling. That’s what drives brands. That’s what drives business. And that’s what drives Matt. It’s this approach which has allowed him to develop creative which continues to raise eyebrows, pulses and bottom lines.

A lot of creative directors and writers shy away from technical writing for B2B clients, but Matt embraces it. He believes there’s always a good story to be told. The secret? As he puts it, “Rather than just diving right into creative development, I believe in immersive therapy. To truly understand what you’re writing about, you need to submerge yourself into a client’s world and the world of their customers. When you surface, you’ll have the perspective you need to create content that actually means something.”

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