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Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to better craft your brand story or a business leader ready to take the next big step in your professional career, our branding courses will provide you with the step-by-step instruction and resources to tell your unique story in a compelling way.

From entrepreneurs and artistic makers to sales professionals and thought leaders, we have helped over a thousand driven individuals craft authentic, powerful stories. Lofti clients walk away with an easy-to-implement, practical guide on ways to leverage their story to elevate their brand, as they work towards meeting their greater career and business goals.


FREE Online Course:
Find Your Superpower

Discover the one thing that will take your career to the next level.


About the course:

Do you spend your evenings scrolling LinkedIn, looking for roles and companies where you can thrive? Maybe you spend your early morning meetings dreaming of owning your business. Or maybe you just feel completely exhausted, even after a holiday weekend or extended vacation. Consider this your guiding light.

This FREE course is specifically designed to be an all-in-one, do-it-yourself resource that will help you gain new clarity, find your personal why and make major moves in your career.

Your Tasks:

  1. Clarify when & where  you feel most alive.

  2. Explore & identify your unique skill set.

  3. Brainstorm career paths or business ideas that complement your experience.

Your Takeaway:

We’ll define your why by identifying the unique qualities that make you a stand-out individual, so that you can take concrete steps toward achieving your dream.

About the Course:

In this course, we’ll share the multimillion dollar concepts Karianne used to help craft the world’s strongest, most recognizable brands. We’ll start by helping you identify where you’re headed professionally--empowering you to tell a story that is both aspirational and grounded in your experience. Next, we’ll get to know your audience – going beyond simple demographics to better understand what they think, feel and believe. Finally, we’ll put it all together with a positioning statement and unique set of brand values that will set the foundation for crafting strategic and memorable content for your brand.

Your Tasks:

  1. Part One: Your VISION

    Visualize your future and depict, qualify & quantify what’s possible for your career or business. Establish & overcome your biggest communication barriers to help you take immediate steps forward.

  2. Part Two: Your AUDIENCE

    Go beyond the demographics to uncover essential insights on your audience’s language that improves engagement and strengthens the connection with your professional or business brand.

  3. Part Three: Your DIFFERENTIATORS

    Identify your brand values, discover the character and tone that summarizes your unique approach and create a one-of-a-kind brand positioning statement to make your brand stand out from competitors.

Your Takeaway:

Build the foundation for strategic and memorable social media and website content, concise messaging for elevator pitch-like situations, and captivating talking points for networking events.


$97 Online Course:
Build Your Brand

Learn how to craft a compelling brand story that resonates with your target audience.