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Who is Lofti?

Lofti is a brand education agency dedicated to helping high-performing humans navigate the complex world of branding through transformative curriculum, coaching and co-creation resources.

We Provide Transformative Resources to Tell Your Story

Ready to pivot? Whether you are ready to grow your business, increase sales, get that next big gig, or create demand for your brand before you open your doors, we’ll guide you through creating a memorable story for your personal or small business brand.

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Looking for Do It Yourself Branding?

If you are looking for an easy to follow process that provides expert direction while keeping you accountable, try one of our online courses. Each online class was created by our founder, Karianne Wardell, an expert brand strategist and marketer. They incorporate best practices, easy to follow video modules, interactive worksheets and checklists to help you clearly articulate your brand message so you can confidently talk about your business or career.

Find an online Lofti Academy course, build your brand at your own pace.

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Want to grow your professional brand and are unsure where to start?

If you are feeling overwhelmed when it comes to branding and are looking for expert help, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you build your brand, empowering you with the right resources to accelerate the process and ensuring you create a lasting and memorable language to engage your audience. From clients and customers to hiring managers, fans and followers - we help leaders elevate their story.

Discover how our three-step branding process can help you standout.

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Does your team or community need educational resources to effectively market and grow their business?

We provide business leaders, and their teams, with the resources to accelerate growth. Our high-impact training, workshops, and coaching sessions are tailored to your business and help independent contractors and business owners craft a consistent story for their brand with the right language - to connect authentically to their target buyers and help them lead their business with confidence, bridging their personal and professional brands authentically.

Learn how our training increased business growth.