We guide high-performing humans through the complex world of branding.


The Lofti Brand Values

Just the like amazing brands we help build and grow, we take our brand values pretty seriously. After all, they are the heart of our vision, human approach and what makes us uniquely us.


We are experts. Our team is made up of senior-level independent contractors who each bring over a decade of experience in their specialty area.


Branding should be fun. When you’re in the business of guiding dreams into reality like we are, it’s essential that every step blends a little laughter into the strategic process.


Partnership from day one. We exist to support like-minded humans, it’s what fuels us, makes us get out of bed each day, and feel that warm fuzzy feeling called success.



We love what we do. Maybe it’s because we are past corporate citizens now free wheeling it or it’s our creative personalities, either way building your brand is what gets us excited.


Wild, creative thinkers. At every step in the process, we’ll help you think through where you’re headed and how that integrates with where you are today so you see results.


A complete experience. Integrating the personal and professional aspects of who we are every day in every way.

Why I started Lofti

K-Michelle-Consulting-054 copy.jpg

“After a fourteen-year career in the creative branding industry, I made the leap to chart my own path. I knew my passion, skills, and experience leading global branding and marketing strategy for companies like State Farm, GE and Hewlett-Packard and could be applied to more meaningful challenges.

I launched Lofti to help business leaders and small business owners navigate the complex world of branding. In our first 18 months, we’ve coached over 250 people through private consulting and branding workshops focused on developing authentic, powerful stories. We use a simplified process based on the best practices and experience working with the world's leading global brands.

From real estate agents to consultants, dentists, restaurateurs, performing artists and event management companies, our team of industry-leading creatives and coaches help leaders hone a solid strategic foundation for their brand and learn how to use marketing to achieve results."

- Karianne Wardell, President